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Vom 7.7. bis 3.9.23 

Haus des Papiers

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Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus e.V.


Museum for Communication Berlin


Die Möglichkeit einer Insel

Festival projects

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The first paper art festival

Paper communicates with people and people communicate with paper.

The “papier & klang by Haus des Papiers" festival is dedicated to the highly emotional relationship people have with this versatile,

changeable and ubiquitous material.

Paper can receive, depict and trigger emotions.

Sound also evokes emotions, making material and body vibrate and thereby brings something to resound in us.


From July 6 to September 3, 2023, International artists will explore their relationship between paper and inner

sound through various formats such as exhibitions, performances and installations.


Under the umbrella of the museum Haus des Papers, the following art and culture venues will host the festival: Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus e.V., the Museum of Communication Berlin and the project space Die Möglichkeit einer Insel.

Together we let paper and its inner sounds sweep through the city.

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