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Art Therapy Project at the Charité Berlin

A workshop with patients in the Oncology Department of the Charité Berlin

About the project:

The Papier & Klang festival explores how paper can evoke emotions through artistic projects. Paper is a material that we all interact with in our daily lives. It is a medium on which we write, allowing it to absorb our thoughts and emotions.

The project "Washing" is designed for individuals undergoing medical treatment in a setting that is typically not associated with art festivals. Its aim is to harness the art-therapeutic effect to support people during particularly challenging phases of life.

Artist Sofia Nordmann conducted a workshop with patients in the oncology department of Charité Berlin. Participants were invited to express their deepest feelings and thoughts while undergoing chemotherapy by writing on rolls of transparent paper using water-soluble ink. Subsequently, the inscribed paper rolls will be washed, and the resulting emotional flow will be collected in a container. In the next step, a waterfall installation will be created from hand-cut strips of the washed and dried paper. This installation will be presented to the public at the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin.

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