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Solveig Gubser

Gubser's exhibited works are focused in the medium of paper and transparency, paper in dialogue with nature and paper in its most ephemeral form. Gubser's works are often about layers in the form of overlays and transparencies and its depth effect and the atmospheric space that this creates.

In the joint video work "Paper is brighter than the wind", created with Nicole Gütl, paper is the protagonist in nature. Moments of fleetingness - perceiving a sound and catching a movement in the corner of the eye or feeling it in passing - are made visible and audible through the movement of the paper.

The work "Paper Inks" are liquid paper sculptures, a "touch" of paper, created from discarded papers, returned to usefulness and art. The names of the "inks" recall their former use and the way they interacted with the paper. The "paper inks" and their use celebrate the beauty of this material and bring it back to life at the very point where it is deemed useless and no longer useful.

©Solveig Gubser


Solveig Gubser (1984) is a designer (Industrial Design, MA, UdK Berlin) and freelance artist from Switzerland. She currently lives and works in the Netherlands.

Parallel to her work as a designer, she is intensively involved with the medium of drawing, installation, intervention and photography.

Her focus is on processual, generative work, the visual language created by serial work and the possibilities of developing this further. Random elements, found objects and observations from her everyday life and nature are the inspiration and starting point for her work.

©Solveig Guber / Nicole Gütl

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