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Miriam Gronwald/ Olga Jakob

DEFACE I is a dialogue between two artists that spans the layering and stripping of a shared floor work.

The installation, which is created in situ, is both the transmission of the performative event and a binding to the spatial structure. The focus here is on the interrogation of the material through movement. The thin paper, a simple everyday material - packing silk is glued to the floor in places and in several layers on top of each other in the construction.

Sheet by sheet, Olga Jakob glues a huge grid of gossamer thin paper into the space, which begins to grow through repetition and size. She thus opposes the architectural space with an ephemeral surface. With the meeting of image and body begins the transformation of the surface and the questioning of the visible.

Miriam Rose Gronwald's movements give rise to cracks, breakthroughs, folds that announce an inkling of the hidden, as well as a soundscape shaped by the material. The tearing and removal of the layers of paper through movement dictates the choreography, resulting in a constantly changing pictorial structure. In the direct action of the moving body with the fleetingness of the material, a space-consuming work unfolds// that seems to dissolve over the duration of the performance and at the same time gains visual intensity.

©Photo Justine Guerriat


Miriam Gronwald was born in Heidelberg in 1991, lives and works in Berlin.

She studied at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim and at the HfMDK Frankfurt am Main. Her installation/performance in collaboration with Olga Jakob has been exhibited in Cologne and Brussels.

Her work is also exhibited in Berlin, Paris, Stuttgart or Munich.

Olga Jakob was born in Kiev in 1985 and currently lives and works in Cologne.

She studied at the University of Cologne, also at the Weißensee KH in Berlin and at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe.

His works have been exhibited in Germany, in cities such as Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Freiburg and Leipzig, but also internationally, in the USA, Belgium and Switzerland.

©Photo Justine Guerriat

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