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Jana Schumacher

Jana Schumacher is a visual artist from Hamburg.

Her artistic focus is on abstract drawing and space-related installations. Themes such as order and chaos, collective strategies of action in times of social or environmental change, as well as connections between art and science, are central themes in her artistic work.

The experimental use of paper as a material plays a fundamental role in her work.

©Jana Schumacher - Photo Jana Schumacher


Jana Schumacher is a German illustrator and sculptor. Born in Bonn in 1983, she lives and works in Hamburg.

She completed her studies in fine arts with a focus on drawing at HAW Hamburg.

Jana Schumacher has been represented at international exhibitions since 2011. Her works have been exhibited mainly in the USA and Germany. These include the Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg, the DESY Institute and the Märkisches Museum in Witten.

In addition to participating in a number of international residency programmes, she was one of the fellows of the Paper Residency 2020 in Berlin.

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©Jana Schumacher - Photo Jana Schumacher

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