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Dodo Schielein

As part of the "papier & klang" festival, the video documentation of the composition "Schatten - für symfonisches Orchester" (Shadow - for a symphonic orchestra) will be screened publicly for the first time. The piece was a commission project of the Philharmonic Orchestra Bremerhaven under the direction of Marc Niemann.

The focus of the piece deals with versatile paper sounds produced by the orchestra musicians. You can hear the sounds of rustling, tearing, or crumpling paper. In contrast to this are the instrumental sounds of the orchestra, which are chromatic, interlaced and arranged in ascending scales.

©Torsten Bruch


Dodo Schielein, born in 1968, is a sound artist and composer who has lived and worked in Hamburg since 1992. After studying graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, she studied contemporary art at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts (HFBK) and took courses in composition and musicology at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (HfMT). Her sound installations and performances have been shown worldwide in Dajeon (South Korea), Osaka (Japan), New York (USA), Basel (Switzerland), Guangzhou (China) and Tokyo (Japan), among others.

©Torsten Bruch

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