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Chor der Kulturen der Welt

In artist's books "Tief Luft holen und Luft anhalten" (take a deep breath of air and hold it in) by Erwin Wurm from 2017, he developed sculptures in concise, pictorial, and onomatopoeic sentences on paper that arise in the minds of the readers at the moment of reading. Literature as word sculpture.
During the papier & klang festival, this word sculpture will now become a sound sculpture for the first time.

Based on Erwin Wurm's text, the four-part canon "Stadt aus Butter" (City of Butter) is composed and brings the word sculpture out of the space of imagination into acoustic space.
New sounds trigger new thoughts and can expand the levels of meaning.
Literature, music and sculpture merge.

The result is an art experience that allows a word sculpture on paper to be experienced in a new way through the connecting effect of music.

©Chor der Kulturen der Welt - Photo Mara von Kummer


The Choir of World Cultures was founded in summer 2007 at the House of World Cultures by Barbara Morgenstern and Philipp Neumann.
From the very beginning, the idea was to develop a new and original repertoire and to explore musical boundaries.
Arrangements written especially for us, projects and programmes that we develop ourselves or with external musicians form our musical identity.

This is how programmes like "Reconstructing Howard Carpendale" (2010), "Heimat(en) - what is it?" (2017), the sound installation "Fragen an das Licht" (2014 - as part of the Zero exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau), "Lautarchiv" (2016 - in collaboration with Hauschka and Ari Benjamin Meyers at the Festival Krieg Singen at the HKW) or "Garden Gaia" with Pantha du Prince.

©Chor der Kulturen der Welt - Photo Mara von Kummer

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