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Bastian Hoffmann

His works, which include video as well as sculpture, are based on Dadaist, kinetic and conceptual traditions, updated by inspirations emanating from everyday materials. Natural elements such as water, rocks, but also forces surrounding man such as gravity are often the starting point for the content of his works. Wooden slats, fountains and puddles are de-contextualized and often humorously subjected to a shift in meaning.

A current series of works, for example, addresses visual utopias. A jet of water shoots from one wall to another, a basalt massif floats above a pedestal. In the subsequent realization of these ideas, he combines classical sculptural methods and techniques with new media, opening up a game with the reciprocal relationship between idea, utopia, man, nature and realization.

©Bastian Hoffmann


Bastian Hoffmann was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1983 and studied until 2016 at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne with Prof. Johannes Wohnseifer and Prof Mischa Kuball, as well as at the Duesseldorf Art Academy with Prof. Gruenfeld. He currently lives and works in Cologne.

His works are exhibited in Germany as well as in Austria, France or USA. Among several awards can be mentioned the Foundation Art Fund 2020 and 2022 or scholarship of the city of Cologne 2021.

©Bastian Hoffmann / VG Bild-Kunst

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