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Kirstin Rabe

Kirstin Rabe has been treating paper as a fragile material for several years with the intention of sensing its special materiality, thereby constantly expanding her creative possibilities. The prerequisite and animation for the language of form and its haptics is the meditative, sustainable process of paper production and processing. Old newspapers, cotton pulp and pigments are formed into self-cast paper sheets and in further working steps into layered or knotted reliefs. Kirstin Rabe shows a work from the series Strata", in which she arranges the edges of the self-made sheets vertically. Subtle nuances of white tones, the texture of the material, and contrasts between soft surfaces and sharp edges of the paper become visible. The broken, undulating lines of the countless paper planes suggest constant movement, but in their totality they radiate clarity and tranquility, visualizing elemental phenomena of light, color, and texture."


Kirstin Rabe, born in Hamburg in 1971, initially studied surveying at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. After an inspirational stay of several years in South Korea, the graduate engineer took the path to art in 2007 and completed academic art studies in Berlin. Since 2012 she has been working with the material paper. Kirstin Rabe lives in Schildow in Brandenburg and runs her studio in the Kuenstlerhof Frohnau, located in the far north of Berlin. Kirstin Rabe is a member of BBK Brandenburg, VBK Berlin and IAPMA (International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists). Her works are represented in public and private collections worldwide.

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