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Canon Erwin Wurm - Chor der Kulturen der Welt

A four-part canon of "City of Butter" that transforms Wurm's word sculpture from imaginative spaces into an acoustic atmosphere.

Time & Place:

Thu. 06.07.2023 - 18:30

Stresemannstraße 28, 10963 Berlin


About the event:

Erwin Wurm utilizes the play of human imagination to expand the concept of sculpture. In his artist books "take a deep breath and hold it," Wurm develops sculptures through concise and onomatopoeic sentences on paper, evoking images in the minds of the readers.

Based on Erwin Wurm's text, musician Rainer Kirchmann composes the four-part canon "Stadt aus Butter" (City of Butter), bringing the word sculpture from the realm of imagination into the acoustic space. Literature, music, and sculpture converge.

The result is an artistic experience that allows the word sculpture on paper to be experienced in a new way through the connecting power of music.

Never before has one of Erwin Wurm's word sculptures been transformed into music. The papier & klang Festival, together with the Choir of World Cultures, will create this unique sound sculpture and present it as a world premiere during the grand opening event on July 6, 2023, around 6:30 pm in the atrium of the Willy Brandt House.

The Choir of World Cultures was founded in the summer of 2007 at the House of World Cultures. They perform specially developed pieces or their own arrangements, constantly pushing and exploring musical boundaries.

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