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Art workshop in women prison Lichtenberg - Fee Kleiß

A voluntary offer for the women in the Berlin correctional facility to open up the possibility for them to experiment with paper, glue, and pigments.

About the project:

Fee Kleiß conducts an open project workshop in the field of experimental sculpture as part of the Papier und Klang festival for women in the closed prison of JVA Lichtenberg.

This voluntary workshop offers the opportunity to experiment with paper, glue, and pigments. The main goal is to enable the women to participate in art and culture, as they are largely cut off from such experiences in prison. The artist is developing an exhibition featuring objects specifically created for the prison. The exhibition will initially open in the prison at the end of June and later be presented to the public at the Museum für Kommunikation.

The women are invited to participate in the open project workshop and explore their creativity with paper. The objects created during the workshop will be incorporated into the installation at the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin, bridging the gap between the confined space of the prison and the public space of the museum. Communication transcends spatial boundaries.

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