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Performance - Finja Sander

A thematisation of collective memory and historical monuments by Finja Sander.

Time & Place:

Fri. 18.08.2023 - 17:00 Uhr

Stresemannstraße 28, 10963 Berlin

Sun. 20.08.2023 - 16:00 Uhr

Stresemannstraße 28, 10963 Berlin


About the event:

For her performative series "Für Morgen", Finja Sander develops a new form of collective memory based on the sculpture "Der Schwebende" by Ernst Barlach. 

Her body is the setting for the transformation of the static object into a performative act. Comparable to a re-enactment, she translates Barlach's "Floating Man" into her own physicality, questioning both memory culture and monument history. For the duration of one hour at a time, Finja Sander hangs above the floor in an expansive metal frame. 

Finja Sander uses her own body to pose the question of how we want to remember, and where. The performative series "Für Morgen" is performed at twelve different locations, once a month. By moving to different places, "Für Morgen" creates a network of memory that literally takes the "hovering" out of the static of a monument history and transforms it into a globally readable memory. Finja Sander thus invents a new fluid memorial concept "For Tomorrow". Text: Yoreme Waltz

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