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Sofia Nordmann

Paper is a carrier of thoughts and emotions. When people write on it, the paper absorbs the essence of the writer. It functions like a sponge that absorbs moods, emotions and thoughts and carries them inside. In the Oncology Department of the Charite Berlin, she would like to carry out this process with patients who, during chemotherapy, can drain their most secret feelings and thoughts from their bodies by writing with water-soluble ink on rolls of transparent paper. Afterwards, inscribed paper rolls are washed and the resulting emotional flow is collected in a container. Hand-cut strips of the washed and dried paper will be used to create a waterfall installation that will flow into the container energetically charged by the ink. The written lines sound through the paper in the imagined language of flowing water.

©Sofia Nordmann


The German-Argentine artist and philosopher Sofia Nordmann lives and works in Berlin. She studied art history and theater studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. She learned her craft from various artists in Buenos Aires. Her concern is the metaphysical level behind the visual, which has a great impact on us, although they can not be deciphered with the five senses. Playfully uncovering or obscuring, she creates and destroys her own writings and images in order to create something new from them. Her works are made of translucent layers of paper, flooded with light, that open up more hidden spaces the more intensely they are viewed.

©Sofia Nordmann

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