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Nicole Gütl

The video and sound work "Paper is brighter than the wind" is a joint work by Nicole Gütl and Solveig Gubser. Over a long period of time, the artists collected video recordings of paper in nature and sounds with paper, which they then formed into new visual worlds by combining and superimposing them as in a sculpture.

In various places, the paper became part of the landscape and part of the foliage of the trees. Through an experimental process and interaction with the paper, the artists explored the potential of this material in terms of sound and movement. Movement processes and sounds in nature are imitated with the paper and made visible and audible. They do not limit themselves to imitating movement with paper, but also to the sounds they hear, discover, construct, distort, imitate and reinvent - partly with paper and partly with objet trouvés from the forest.

These are moments of fleetingness - perceiving sound and catching movement in the corner of the eye or sensing it in passing, which are collected with the time-based media of video and sound, translated into their own image archive and thereby transferred into their own language.

©Nicole Gütl


Nicole Guetl was born in Bavaria in 1983. After various internships in the restoration of old buildings in Dresden and Weimar, she trained as a milliner in Berlin. In addition to study visits in biology, physics, art and French in Berlin, Leipzig and Lyon, she worked at the Leipzig Opera in the tailoring department and came back to Berlin in 2009 to study fashion design at the UdK. Her global curiosity about science was sparked by Space Nights on Bayern3 television and the physics experiments on the Knoff Hoff shows. An interest in narrative materials and things and how they function in the real world and in a sociological context drove her to apply to work in interactive textiles at the Design Research Lab.

©Solveig Gubser / Nicole Gütl

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