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Ines Schaikowski

Ines Schaikowski observes everyday objects and how we deal with them. In her works she traces the narrative potential inherent in them.

She questions how the seemingly trivial intervenes in the various areas of perception and action and thus influences our thinking, our lives, and ultimately our identity. Do humans influence their everyday life, or does everyday life influence humans? Schaikowski is particularly interested in the tension between the repetitiveness, inferiority, fleetingness and interchangeability of everyday things versus our growing need for individuality.

©Ines Schaikowski - Photo Hellmeier


Ines Schaikowski was born in 1981 and is currently based in Wriezen.

She studied media science, media culture, and artistic production and research at the Philipps University in Marburg, the Bauhaus in Weimar and the Universidad de Barcelona.

Individual works from her artistic project "Hybrid Homeland" have been exhibited throughout Europe and have repeatedly received awards. Most recently, works from it were shown in solo exhibitions at the Fundación Fusterin Barcelona and the Kunstverein zu Rostock, as well as in group exhibitions at the Marburger Kunstverein, the Museo de la Universidad de Alicante/Spain and the Fundación Vila Casas, Girona/Spain.

In 2022, solo exhibitions were implemented at the Eichenmüllerhaus of the city of Lemgo and at the Trierer Kunstverein.

©Ines Schaikowski - Photo Hellmeier

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