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Hildegard Mann

In the 1970s, an exhibition entitled Seeing to Hear" showed that art genres can flow into one another.
Can it be possible to attune ears and eyes together in harmony - to combine art and science? Her experiment is: to represent white noise, a physical phenomenon, artistically. She wants to coax visual properties from its sound with the help of ground paper. Scientists from various disciplines assign "white noise" to universal phenomena.

©Hildegard Mann / VG Bild-Kunst - Photo Armin Mann


Hilli Mann, lives and works in Groß Boden.

Studied in Heidelberg and Mainz from 1966 to 1969, taught at grammar school. 4-year training in dance therapy. 2002-2011 studies in sculpture.

Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Works are owned by the state of MV and private collectors.

©Hildegard Mann / VG Bild-Kunst - Photo Armin Mann

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