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Gabriela Stellino

Gabriela Stellino composes three-dimensional works from cut strips of paper. These strips are not glued together like a collage, but rather carefully assembled.
Some sheets have stripes, spots, and dots - small black accents that come into play within the space of the rolled paper. Only upon a closer look can you recognize the miniature works' details. An experience of shape and rhythm.

©Gabriela Stellino - Photo Gabriela Stellino


Gabriela Stellino Born in 1963 in Resistencia and raised in Buenos Aires.
At the age of 15 she began her artistic training at the State School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires and continued it at the Buenos Aires School of Fine Arts with renowned masters such as Pipo Ferrari and Roberto Paez. Already during her studies she won several art awards of the museum "Eduardo Sívori de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires".
Since 1997 she lives in Freiburg and moved in 2010 to Riegel am Kaiserstuhl in her own studio house. Regular exhibitions including Morat Institute for Art and Art Science, Freiburg, also in the UK (Whitstable Biennale), Switzerland (Galerie Projectum, Kulturraum Hirzenberg), Slovenia (Festival Art on paper), at MADATAC (Muestra de Arte Digital y Audiovisual Contemporanea) in Madrid and Larnaca Biennale, Cyprus have made her known.

©Gabriela Stellino - Photo Gabriela Stellino

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