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Cem Bora

Cem Bora shows envelopes of letters that insurance companies, banks and authorities write. They quickly end up as commodities in the wastepaper basket. But they also have their own beauty, their own sound, which anticipates the rows of numbers and letters of the letters when the envelopes are torn open.

Collected for years, thematically sorted and layered on canvas, the envelopes not only look like textile surfaces and birch bark - they even seem to recall the content.

©Cem Bora


Cem Bora was born in 1965 in Istanbul, lives and works in Berlin.

Paper is the material of the designer. Growing up in a parental home where everything revolved around textiles, Bora became involved with fabrics, yarns, colors and fashion magazines as a teenager. He attended a technical school for design, trained at the Fashion Institute" of the Lette Verein in Berlin, and worked for style agencies in Paris and Amsterdam.

It was during this work that Bora, who also had his own fashion label for a time, hit upon an idea: he wanted to illustrate trend analyses not only with a pencil, but with collages in which he cut out image content from magazines and daily newspapers in order to assemble them into new motifs. Bora also uses this technique in his artistic works, which have been exhibited in Berlin, Basel, Paris and Luxembourg.

©Cem Bora

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