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Barbara Beisinghoff

The water jet is her liquid drawing pen. A water hose is connected to a water jet gun with a very fine opening. With it she draws on an unglued//long-fibered sheet of paper.

The water jet displaces and plows through the paper fiber. Against the light, one can see the penetration of the screen suspended diagonally above the audience with the paper particularly well. In the water jet performance, the process of penetration is celebrated against the light. The paper is made to speak// to breathe and to glow.

The sound of the water hitting and dripping off the paper is amplified by sound plates with contact microphones suspended below. Peter Knodt's glass trumpet additionally sensitizes the audience to the translucency of the growing luminous glittering line in the paper and increases the tension of the filigree performance. The sound of the glass trumpet playing seems to penetrate the paper straight through.

©Barbara Beisinghoff


Barbara Beisinghoff was born in Hermannsburg in 1945.

She studied art education and free painting in Hannover. Her works are exhibited in public collections and museums in Europe, Canada, USA, Peru, Korea and China, including the National Museum in Krakow, The Library of the Congress and the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington.

She has received the Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Prize for Fine Arts, the International Senefelder Prize for Lithography, the Stadtdrucker Prize of Mainz, and the Heitland Foundation Art Award.

©Barbara Beisinghoff

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