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Thomas Judisch

Paper is made from wood and waste paper is processed into packaging material. With around 240 kg per person, Germany is one of the countries worldwide with the highest annual paper consumption. For the installation German Forest, Thomas Judisch creates logs from cardboard rolls and piles of leaves from paper scraps. - Campfire romanticism is palpable and closeness to nature is deceptively recreated, but the choice of material makes the situation uncomfortably oppressive. The idea is to cover an entire room with paper scraps and cardboard rolls, so that at first glance an association with a wooded area is created. Since the entire floor is covered, visitors are forced to walk through the paper. The haptic of the paper is reminiscent of the rustling of leaves, which increases the chain of associations.

©Thomas Judisch


Thomas Judisch studied sculpture with Elisabeth Wagner at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel and, after graduating in 2009, moved to the Dresden University of Fine Arts. There he completed master's studies with a focus on sculpture and spatial conception. Since 2008 he has regularly participated in artist-in-residence programs, including the pilot project Gropiusstadt Berlin in 2008. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, including in Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, and the United States. Works by him are in the collection of contemporary art of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the collection of the Kunstfonds des Freistaates Sachsen, the Woods Art Institute in Wentorf near Hamburg or the Stadtgalerie Kiel.

©Thomas Judisch

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