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Solveig Gubser

The series Blattarbeiten " includes a sequence of drawings, which continues each year in autumn with the fall of leaves from the trees. Collected leaves from trees, such as maples and sycamores, cut at the leaf blade or stem, serve as stamps. The works are created over several layers of tracing paper and together create a soundscape. The drawings are like notation sheets of sounds and rhythms, representing a polyphonic soundscape. The different papers and layers give the works depth and expand their sonic space."


Solveig Gubser is a designer and freelance artist from Switzerland. She currently lives and works in the Netherlands. Parallel to her work as a designer, she is intensively engaged in the medium of drawing, installation, intervention and photography. Her focus is the processual, generative work, the visual language created by serial work and the possibilities of further development of this. Random elements, found objects and observations from her everyday life and nature are the inspiration and starting point of her work.

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