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Nham-hee Völkel-Song

The paper project with the dumplings came from her childhood memories. Dumplings, also known as mandu, are small stuffed dumplings that used to be served at feasts. During the working process, she shaped paper in water with her hands. The dumplings were created through tension & relaxation. The concentrated, intense work is like a kind of meditation and fluently come and go the questions: Don't you see it? // Don't you hear it? // Doesn't it smell? // How do you think it will taste?

©Nham-hee Völkel-Song


Nham-hee was born in Korea in 1945 and has lived and worked in Berlin since 2007. In 1980 she initiated and founded the Wittgensteiner Kunst-Gesellschaft 80 e.V.. After more than three years of development and study of Korean calligraphy, her guide "New Korean Calligraphy" was published in 2005. Since 2023 she is an honorary member of GEDOK Berlin. (Gemeinschaft der Kuenstlerinnen und Kunstfoerdernden e. V.) The artist's works are part of public and private collections in Germany and abroad. She processes several elements that look alike with each other, gives them a new meaning and thereby creates a new unity.

©Nham-hee Völkel-Song

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