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Justine Laeufer

London-born fashion photographer and collage artist Justine Laeufers is drawn to people and their faces. It is not the trend, but the unique identity contained and expressed in the clothing that is the greatest attraction for the artist.

Commercial constraints and prejudices in the fashion world blocked the artist's creativity. Inspired by Dadaism, Constructivism and London Punk, Justine found a new medium in collage. In this, collage is a way to break reality and go beyond the limits of photography.

Laeufer rebels, she tests boundaries and goes in search of her own world. In the festival she will show an installation of diaries and another projected work of "living collages" projected on paper. Both works are without sound.

©Justine Laeufer


The British artist, who now lives in Berlin, has made an international name for herself as a sought-after fashion and beauty photographer.

She has worked for leading publications such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Tatler, Citizen K and Tank Magazine for over 20 years and is known for her idiosyncratic casting and strong conceptual fashion images. Her work has been exhibited at the Tate Modern in London, among other venues.

©Justine Laeufer

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