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Jessica Maria Toliver

Jessica Maria Toliver communicates with paper as if with a breathing organism. Her dialogue with the material consists of incorporating found or manipulated structures, which she transforms into paper cuts, drawings, space-oriented installations, and sculptures.

Most recently, Toliver has been working on multi-layered cycles of works in which she explores the dichotomy of rough, archaic forms and delicate fragility. The works created in this way explore the material paper through a partially highly abstracted and conceptual level of design.

©Jessica Maria Toliver - Photo Mirko Johannes Schütz


Jessica Maria Toliver was born in Coburg in 1976.

She lives and works in Schwerte, North Rhine-Westphalia. After working as a set designer at the Theater Dortmund and the Schauspielschule Ernst Busch, Berlin, she decided to pursue the fine arts in 2008 and has been working with paper ever since.

Her works can be found in museum collections such as the Gustav-Luebcke Museum Hamm and the Haus des Papiers Berlin, as well as in the Buergerstiftung Rohrmeisterei, Schwerte, the Protestant Church of Westphalia, the Church of St. Ludgerus, Albersloh, and numerous private collections, among others.

©Jessica Maria Toliver - Photo Mirko Johannes Schütz

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