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Janine Eggert

In her artistic work, Janine Eggert is primarily concerned with the contradictory values of our time. Drawing on a wide range of techniques and materials, she develops counter-designs to traditional views in her investigations of the designed world.

Her most recent projects deal with the ornamental qualities of industrially produced goods and the technological sublime. With a specifically feminist bent, she investigates the tension between pure functionality and the aesthetic meaning and quality of form, thus formulating an alternative to hierarchical functional assignments, economic demands and power structures that are reflected in technologised forms.

©Janine Eggert


Janine Eggert studied fine arts at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts and at Ar.Co, Çentro
de Arte & Comunicaçao Visual, Lisbon.
As an artist, she moves between the media of sculpture, installation, printmaking and video, and recently also sound, and works artistically both as an individual and, since 2005, together with Philipp Ricklefs as a duo.

Her large-scale and site-specific works have been exhibited internationally in Vienna, Zurich,
London and Valencia as well as in New York and Miami. Janine has been awarded several artist
residencies, including in Switzerland, the USA and Austria. Research trips are an important part of Janine's practice, leading her to undertakings such as travelling on a post-Panmax container ship from Hamburg to Egypt.

For 2023, she has received a scholarship from the Villa Aurora in Los Angeles as well as the NEUSTARTplus scholarship from the Foundation Art Fund.

©Janine Eggert

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