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ISMENE sets up her own order in her collages - also by consciously working analog. Touching, experiencing, tearing and playing around with the papers is an essential part of the creative process for the trained hand weaver. Her play with materiality and form is extremely free.

The layering seems sketchy; the elements so delicately and lightly assembled, as if they could fall apart again at the slightest touch. This lightness is very peculiar. It is a testament to ISMENE's deep understanding of the medium, enriched by her knowledge of hand weaving. It was only a few years ago that ISMENE came to art in a roundabout way - all the more impressive for that, both in the way she works with the medium in terms of craftsmanship and in the compositional realization.

During her work in addiction support on the streets of Berlin, ISMENE encountered many faces and fates - some of them fragmentary, all of them multi-layered. Inspired by this, she began to create collages, first from her own photographs and later from found snippets of people, places and sculptures. A central theme is the play with the depiction of bodies, the arousal of expectations through tapped shapes and motifs. However, through cleverly incorporated omissions and moments of irritation, she manages to break these expectations and leave them unfulfilled; a subtle negation of the voyeuristic gaze.



ISMENE was born in Bochum in 1973.

She studied philosophy and completed an apprenticeship as a hand weaver. From both disciplines she draws today themes and forms of expression for her work as a freelance artist, which began in 2017.

Exhibition participation in Berlin galleries KWADRAT, Charis Schwarz, Franzkowiak. Successful presence on Instagram, through which she immerses herself in subcultures and networks with international artist communities.


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