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Fiene Scharp

The grid principle is Fiene Scharp's medium. Delicacy is a condition of her works. She transfers the two-dimensional drawings of grid papers of all kinds into the spatial through microscopic cut-outs. Filigree net-like structures emerge from the nearly complete removal of white spaces. These works are permeated by a tension that is quiet and only gradually perceptible: on the one hand, there is the ever-same structure of an industrially produced sheet; on the other, the repetition is disrupted by the minimal changes and tiny rips in the cuts made by hand. However, these inevitable breaks, staggered curvatures and folds are not flaws, but rather delicate traces of each sheet's individual character, wanting to be discovered upon a closer look.

©Fiene Scharp - Courtesy Kuckei + Kuckei


Fiene Scharp was born in Berlin in 1984. She studied fine arts and literature at the University of the Arts and the Humboldt University in Berlin. In 2012 she received the Master Student Award of the President of the UdK; she was a scholarship holder of the Else-Heiliger-Fonds of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Stiftung Kunstfonds. Her works have been shown in exhibitions in Europe, North America and Asia: Centre for Recent Drawing, London; Kunsthalle Bremerhaven; Kunstmuseum Stuttgart; Museum fuer Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt; Stedelijk Museum 's-Hertogenbosch (NL), among others. She won the Paper Art Award's Golden prize at the art fair Paper Positions Berlin 2021.

©Fiene Scharp - Courtesy Kuckei + Kuckei

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