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Elisabeth Sonneck

Elisabeth Sonneck has been working on site-specific "scroll paintings" since 2006, which she obtains through the inherent material tension of long paper webs. In flexible sculptural situations, a fragile, physical balance emerges that makes each installation unrepeatable.

Sonneck's processual painting is also the result of precise improvisation - the development of colour becomes visible in subtle chromatic processes, in fine nuances as well as in sharp contrasts.
Marginal circumstances of the place as well as found objects function as equal players in the balance - familiar hierarchies are dissolved in new functional contexts.

©Elisabeth Sonneck


Elisabeth Sonneck (*1962 Bünde), studied at the FH für Kunst Ottersberg and lives and works in Berlin.

Her site-specific installations have been shown internationally since 2006 in galleries, project spaces, public spaces and institutions, including Raum Schroth at Museum Morgner Soest; Museum gegenstandsfreier Kunst Otterndorf; Studiogalerie HaL Berlin; Spazio Insitu Rome/IT; Stroboskop Warsaw/PL; Spazienne Milan/IT; Kunstverein Buchholz; Georg Kolbe Museum Berlin; Kunstmuseum Ahlen; Kunstraum Hochdorf/CH; Guardini Galerie Berlin, Mies van der Rohe Haus Berlin; IWE Art Museum Kunming/CN; Papiermachermuseum Steyrermühl/AT; Staatliches Museum Schwerin; Neue Kammern Sanssouci Potsdam; NGBK Berlin.

©Elisabeth Sonneck

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