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Amparo Sard

Amparo Sard began her career piercing small white papers. Self-portraits in surrealistic situations that she expressed with a very personal language and technique. She further developed her research by enlarging the papers and creating huge white fiberglass installations or aluminum sculptures.

Today, Sard uses all kinds of materials: resin paintings, polyurethane, videos and, more recently, recycled plastic, while also advocating and trying to raise awareness for the preservation of our planet. In her work, white color represents what we see with our eyes, a linear reading of our environment. Black, deformations or exorbitant dimensions show a different, completely opposite kind of images. They allow what really moves us, what we perceive with the eyes inward, what evokes effective emotions, the tension that awakens our intuition.

©Amparo Sard - Photo Natalia Carstens


Amparo Sard was born in Mallorca, Spain in 1973.

She completed her B.A of Fine Arts at the Universitat de Barcelona, a master's degree at the New School University in New York and doctoral work at the Universitat de Barcelona.

She has received several awards including Golden Medal Award by the Italian Government or the First National Award, Deutsche Bank Identity Competition in Berlin. She has solo and group exhibitions worldwide e.g. USA, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany or Morocco.

©Amparo Sard

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